Service Statement

I render service in the field of Information Science on both the local and national levels. At the Florida State University School of Library and Information Studies, I have twice served on the Doctoral Planning Committee, representing the doctoral students as a whole to the College on such issues as the curriculum and administrative needs, new faculty hiring, policy on faculty/teaching assistant relations, and the overall direction the School should take in future work. I also coordinate the wants and needs of the doctoral students in that School with the needs of both the faculty of the College and of the University in the allocation of space and resources for doctoral work.

At the national level, I have served as the Chair of SIGVIS (Visualization, Images, and Sound), ASIS&T, since 2008. Working with Dr. Diane Neal (the Past Chair), we have sponsored or co-sponsored an increased number of panels for ASIS&T conferences, and in 2010 we sponsored our first-ever half-day workshop. In the past, I have served as the webmaster for SIGVIS, where I revamped the website, adding functionality and usability to the information already present. With ASIS&T, I also serve on the SIG Steering Committee, dealing with issues such as SIG financing, membership costs, and the status of various SIGs within the organization. And as a member of the Watts-Davis Award Committee, I help to determine who gets the unofficial "unsung hero" award each year.

I hope that I will be able to provide service in these and other areas in the future. I would very much like to work in curriculum development, perhaps helping to create an undergraduate program in information science to complement an existing graduate program in either library or information science. I would like to see SIGVIS be a more active participant in ASIS&T conferences, particularly in the area of pre-conference workshops. And, although it may not be service per se, I'd like to incorporate service learning into classes I teach in the future, where appropriate; while I would be using it as a teaching method, service would nonetheless be rendered by the students in my charge that would benefit both the students and the community.

My service obligations should be made with an eye toward balance among service, teaching, and research responsibilities. I should serve as much as I can, but not so much that it is a detriment to other forms of professional accomplishment. Additionally, I should strike a balance between the needs of the institution and my own needs when determining what service should be undertaken; communication between my academic unit and me should help match my talents and experiences with the needs and requirements of the faculty as a whole. In this way, the best match might be made between the often conflicting interests of the faculty member and the faculty as a body, with both having their respective needs met while advancing their separate interests.